Reading in the Twenty-Second Century

           Reading in the Twenty-Second Century
                           (Originally Published in Abstract: Contemporary Expressions)

Splash language into my eyes 

like bathtub water. I feel, 

I love digitized words 

surging through 

my Pacific wave vision.

Who has the time to spend 

a sunloop piecemealing a Victorian novel 

when I can receive Bronte’s impetus 

within a nanosecond of absorption.

The judgement of Jane Eyre 

corrals inside neurological sparks 

before draining into a reject bin

at the back of Beth’s Barber Shop.

Her red and white pole spins, 

an orbit of commerce 

as a customer walks in 

with a mohawk that needs managing.

A professor on the future, 

he envisions reading 

is going the way of the woolly mammoth 

stomping through the past. 

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