Voiceless (Originally Published in sPARKLE & blink) “Hello Mary.” “—.” “Why can’t you talk?” Mary opens her mouth to reveal ….  Read More

The Radioactive Horse

The Radioactive Horse (Originally Published in 3 Moon Magazine) His hooves plow through my shut closet. In my bedroom, I’m ….  Read More

A Body Parts Comedy

A Body Parts Comedy (Originally Published in Bending Genres Journal) Do you remember ten springs ago? Back in that season ….  Read More

Dictator Killing

Dictator Killing (Originally Published in IthacaLit) In the mind of would you kill a babydictator, killing baby Hitler is step one.Yes, ….  Read More

A Beggar’s Body

          A Beggar’s Body   (On a photograph by Garry Winogrand; “Los Angeles, California, 1969” Originally ….  Read More


Mutant (Originally Published in Speculative City)The radioactive waste my home sleeps onseeped into Sarah’s brain as she twisted her sheets ….  Read More