A selection of the literary journals that Keith Mark Gaboury’s             poetry have appeared in.

                      “The Cosmos is Alive,” “Planet X Soap Opera,” and “Blood in the Cosmos”                              in West Winds Literary Sampler (December 2020)

“In The Smoke” in Tiny Seed Literary Journal (November 2020)

“Based on a True Story,” “I Left My North Oakland Shadow,” “Tongue Swapping 1,” and “Tongue Swapping 2” in Someone Tell Us Where We’re Going: Poets Wanted Anthology 2020 (November 2020)

“Cemetery Sky” in Poetry Quarterly: Spring 2020 (August 2020)

“East Bay Seed” in Colossus:Home (August 2020); Amazon

“Skull Walk” (Page 7) in sPARKLE & blink (May 2020); YouTube Reading

“Mutant” in Speculative City: Issue 6 Industry (April 2020)

“Voiceless” (Page 25) in sPARKLE & blink (March 2020); YouTube Reading

“The Radioactive Horse” (Page 46) in 3 Moon Magazine (January 2020)

“Reading in the Twenty-Second Century” in Twist in Time Literary Magazine (November 2019)

“Laika” (Page 196) in Fredericksburg Literary Art & Review (Winter 2019)

“I Am Guilty of Being a Woman” in World on Trial: The Earth’s Grand Vengeance: A Collection of Protest Poetry (August 2019)

“Diet Craze” (Page 29) and “Factory Body” (Page 30) in Garfield Lake Review (Fall 2019)

“Dictator Killing” in IthacaLit (Autumn 2019)

“My Steampunked Universe” in PASSAIC / VÖLUSPÁ (June 2019)

“Blood in the Cosmos” in PASSAIC / VÖLUSPÁ (June 2019)

“Family Planning in the Twenty-Second Century” in Swimming with Elephants Publications (May 2019)

“NASA Test Subject” in Abstract Magazine: Contemporary Expressions (February 2019)

“The Cherry Blossom Planet” in Bacopa Literary Review 2018 (August 2018)

“Space Vision” in Eclectica Magazine (July / August 2018)

“Lunch Email” in Dual Coast Magazine (July 2018)

“The Headless Mannequin in the Twenty-Second Century” in NakedBulb Anthology 2017 (June 2018)

“The Saltwater in My Blood” in Oddball Magazine (May 2018)

“I Woke Up” in Likely Red Press (April 2018)

“Sammy the Angel” in Red Fez (March 2018)

“Beginnings” in New Millennium Writings (February 2018)

“My Cardiocentric Sister” in FlyPaper Poetry (February 2018)

“I Walk Into Your Galaxy” in The Ear (2018)

“A Beggar’s Body” in Red Fez (December 2017)

“Wild” (Page 56) and “Morning News in the Twenty-Second Century” (Page 57) in The Birds We Piled Loosely (October 2017)

“Rejoice in Caffeinated Spin,” “Runaway Legs,” and “Fork” in Five:2:One Magazine (July 2017)

“Community” (Page 9) and “I Require a Hug in the Twenty-Second Century” in sPARKLE & blink (June 2017); “Community” YouTube Reading; “I Require a Hug . . .” YouTube Reading

“Life is a Dirty Bomb” in Full of Crow (Summer 2017)

“The Milky Way in L.A.” in New Millennium Writings: Evolve (December 2016)

“Workweek” (Page 25) in sPARKLE & blink (December 2016); YouTube Reading

“Humanoid” (Page 87) in sPARKLE & blink (November 2016); YouTube Reading

“Kansas City Night” in IthacaLit (Winter 2016)