Author of The Cosmos is Alive and

                                                                  The Boy Born with a Pinhole Heart


There’s a new ultimate trip and Gaboury is our director. He’ll fly us from a galaxy where we’ll “trip / on some cracked dark matter” to The Apollo National Park to see “…a glass case / showcasing Armstrong’s / first footprint…” Gaboury celebrates science fiction from its pulpy beginnings to its futureless present. His people are brown-baggers, miners, pulling shifts at The Photon Refinery with their heads “…swirling / at the intersection of host and desire / under the only sky” they will ever know. Gaboury’s images and lines elucidate the collision of a space opera and a blues sung by Martian farmers. Gaboury dazzles!

Peter Jay Shippy, author of How to Build the Ghost in Your Attic


Keith Gaboury’s The Boy Born With a Pinhole Heart is a moving collection dealing with family history, particularly a grandfather’s heroism and decline. The speaker of these poems confides, reveals, laments and ultimately sees his experience as part of “a family of naked stars shining onto waves breaking anew.” Central to the saga is the speaker’s place among loved ones and in the world at large. He has stepped “through a wormhole into this shivering reality,” and it is only moonlight that he feels will “wrap me into a hug.” The Boy Born With a Pinhole Heart tells the story of a family with intimacy and grace.

John Skoyles, author of Suddenly It’s Evening: Selected Poems and Yes and No



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